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Fogging fogger closeupBy bringing unique services to our customers, we are able to differentiate ourselves from the competition. We try to make it as simple as possible for our clients to work with us. By developing a strong relationship with each customer, we hope that they will contact us for any needs that arise. Universal Sanitizers offers many services to help maximize your sanitation program, improve employee performance and add value to your sanitation budget.

Do you need help with cleaning?

USS offers a variety of contract cleaning services as well as fogging services to assure that your production equipment and environment are as clean as you need it to be to prevent food spoilage and achieve your food sanitation goals.

Scheduled Services

  • Monthly foaming equipment PM program — improvement and repairs
  • Lube system upgrade and monthly PM program
  • CIP maintenance– conductivity calibration
  • Chlorine analyzer calibration
  • Scheduled plant visits
  • Inventory management
  • Chemical usage tracking reports


Passivation of New Equipment

We offer two types of passivation:

  • Nitric acid passivation
  • Citric acid passivation


Fogging Services

After in-depth plant cleaning, fogging with chlorine dioxide is recommended to reduce the mold, yeast and bacteria air counts


Other Contract Services

  • Spray ball inspection:
  • C.I.P. tanks
  • Sugar tanks
  • Surge tanks
  • Cooling tunnels


Customized training

  • Safety Using Chemicals
  • MSDS Training
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing Techniques — New Hires, Quarterly Training
  • Supervisor Training
  • Audit Training — Sanitation and AIB Audit Training
  • Aseptic Environmental Sample Collection Training
  • Microbiological Sample Collection Training



  • Equipment Design
  • Pre-Installation and Start-up
  • Sanitation Troubleshooting
  • Spoilage Problem Identification and Correction
  • Sanitation Improvements
  • Customized Cleaner Formulations
  • Spoilage Risk Assessment
  • Strong Food and Beverage Microbiology and Mycology Background
  • 24 hour/365 days phone support


Our sanitarians are familiar with good sanitation guidelines, choosing proper sanitation chemicals, and problem.