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How do you select a cleaner? Answer: depends on the type of soil that you have to clean

Classification of Soil Deposits (Adapted from Marriott and Gravani, 2010, Principles of Food Sanitation, Springer)

Type of Soil                             

Inorganic soil:    Hard-water deposits, metallic deposits,alkaline deposits               

Examples: Calcium and magnesium carbonate, rust, other oxides, films left by improper rinsing after use of an alkaline cleaner

Organic soil :      Food deposits, petroleum deposits, nonpetroleum deposits        

Examples: Food residues, lubrication oils, grease, and other lubrication products, animal fats and vegetable oils

Type of Cleaning Compounds for Soil Deposits (Adapted from Marriott and Gravani, 2010)

Type of Soil                        Required Cleaning Compound

Inorganic soil                              Acid-type cleaner

Organic soil (nonpetroleum)       Alkaline-type cleaner

Organic soil (petroleum)             Solvent-type cleaner