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Our company was started in 1994. Our mission is the optimization of sanitation procedures to reduce or eliminate spoilage due to sanitation practices and to increase productivity through innovative sanitation procedures.Our strong background in food and beverage microbiology and mycology makes us the first choice for companies that deal mainly in the area of acid food and beverage spoilage.

  • We offer a wide selection of sanitation chemicals such as cleaners and sanitizers as well as conveyor lubricants, sanitation equipment, water treatment products, and janitorial products.

What sets us apart from the rest of the food sanitation companies is our specialized services. We provide in-depth plant cleaning and sanitation, silo and tank cleaning and sanitation, new equipment passivation, and fogging among other services. We offer training and consultation in the areas of sanitation, spoilage prevention and food safety.

logoUSS is the sister company of BCN Research Laboratories, Inc., a testing laboratory specialized in food and beverage spoilage investigations and prevention. The USS-BCN combination provides unique solutions from spoilage investigation to remediation.

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